Theologies of Palestine

Sabeel’s 1st International Gathering, held at the beginning of December 2019 in Bethlehem brought together a number of organisations including: Al Liqa, Bethlehem Bible College, Kairos Palestine, Dar al Kalima University College, and Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation. These organisations have grown out of this need for Palestinians to rise with a new theology. Sabeel are thankful for the organisations for being willing to participate in this new way of bringing people together. 

Out of this same sense of Kumi, comes this edition of Cornerstone. As part of an attempt to bring together the various organisations and theologies among the Palestinian Christians. Therefore, Sabeel interviewed a number of Palestinian theologians and the transcripts of those interviews make up this edition of Cornerstone. This collection of interviews aims to give the reader a wide overview of the different theologies among Palestinian Christians both within Palestine and Israel.