The way we face our challenges determines the probability
of overcoming our problems and the potential of
coming out as stronger individuals and communities.
In this edition of Cornerstone, Sabeel, with the help of
a number of writers, reflects on human nature and how
people react when they face a major problem. Many
scholars believe that when facing problems humans react
by going through phases: (a) ignoring the problem, or
even denial of the problem (b) fear, panic, and anger (c)
compromise with the problem, trying to live with it (d)
depression (e) acceptance of the problem and dealing
with it proactively.
It is true that people deal with any problem in different
ways: some spend more time in one of the above phases
than the others, some might get stuck in a certain phase
and feel unable to move forward without help. But it is
almost certain we must deal effectively with all phases
to overcome the problem successfully.
Today in Palestine there are many problems that our
people are facing, however two major problems stand
out at the time of writing this Cornerstone:

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating effects
    on our lives.
  2. A Political reality that seems to dismiss any chance
    for a just solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
    Sadly, many in the world now believe that >>>>>