A Palestinian Christian Cry

“An important book for understanding the deeper issues impacting the path to peace for the people of Palestine and Israel. The concrete course of action Fr. Ateek proposes is rooted in nonviolence, grounded in current realities, and can finally open a clear path to justice, reconciliation, and forgiveness for all the peoples of the Holy Land.”

A Time to Remember

This booklet includes information about 24 Palestinian villages that have been depopulated and demolished during the Nakba period.This booklet is meant to give the reader a short historical background about each of the towns and villages. Everyone had a vibrant living community which within hours had lost its inhabitants who were displaced and became refugees […]

Challenging Christian Zionism

The papers in this book make clear in great detail the history, theology, and politics of Christian Zionism. The book is meant to inform and educate. It is meant to help readers challenge Christian Zionist neighbours with the truth and facts of what is happening in Palestine.

Challenging Empire

This book is a compilation of most of the papers presented at Sabeel`s eighth international Conference. The text contains presenters thoughts on the most cutting edge issues in today`s world, namely Empire and its impact on religion, politics, economics, and all other aspects of life.

Challenging Illusions – Seeking a just Peace

This Lent Course is produced with a view to exploring the scriptures in the light of the current situation and current realities in Israel and Palestine. Background information and interpretation are left to a minimum in order to enable people to read the text from the heart and be challenged in a new way by […]

Communities of the Forgotten Faithful

In these days when life for Palestinian Christians has become extremely difficult and when so many feel that their fellow Christians around the world have indeed forgotten them, it is of great urgency that international and local Christians get to know one another. We trust that these encounters not only give those of you from abroad […]

Contemporary way of the Cross

The image of the suffering Christ is unique, and key to the Christian faith. The God who experience and overcame the physical and psychological pain of oppression, torture and execution is a source of great hope and strength to those who continue to suffer today. Sabeel seeks to bring alive the message of Christ in […]

Faith and the Intifada

All together, nineteen Palestinians and seven persons of various nationalities explore the Palestinian social and historical reality. They chronicle the growing self- awareness of Palestinian Christians of their unique spiritual identity. They recover the biblical grounds for using power and seeking justice. They reveal the role of women in sustaining the Intifada, and they show that […]

For he is our peace and has broken down the dividing wall

The Course uses a liberation theology approach to bible study, encouraging individual responses to the bible passages and inviting participants to reflect on what God might be saying to us in the context of our world today, and specifically the Palestine-Israel context. We have chosen for particular consideration the experience of life in the shadow of […]

Holy Land Hollow Jubilee

The papers in this volume were delivered viva voce at the 1998 Sabeel International Conference. Each was followed by formal questions in the plenary sessions, and more intimate discussion in other gatherings. In most cases, the speakers took account of these exchanges as they prepared their papers for publication. However, in a small number of […]

I come from there and remember

It is a collection of personal and eyewitness testimonies by a number of our brothers and sisters from different backgrounds and faiths, most of them over seventy years of age, who lived through the Nakba. Here they tell their own stories, their own experiences of what happened in 1948. They describe what they and their […]

Jerusalem what makes for peace

: This volume contains papers given at a conference held in Jerusalem in 1996 under the auspices of Sabeel Liberation Theology Center. The papers published here cover a wide range of pressing matters, which not only emphasise the complexity of the problem but also express a prophetic vision for a just and lasting peace in […]

Justice and only Justice

Naim Ateek provides an authentic restatement of the Gospel message of liberation within the very special setting of the Palestinian tragedy. He does so with an astonishing persistence in continuing to affirm that justice is not only demand but reconciliation.

Morally Responsible Investment

A Nonviolent Response to the Occupation: The movement of the IsraelPalestine conflict through nonviolent means is now accelerating. There is a window of opportunity to reach a just settlement. In spite of past setbacks and much scepticism, many people on both sides of the conflict cling to the hope for peace. As people of faith, […]

Our Story The Palestinians

Oppressed people around the world have often felt the need to counter the false images of which they have been done to them. We are aware that the majority of people, especially in the western nations, are unfamiliar with the Palestinian story. It is about time for us to take up the task of telling […]

Principles for a just peace in Palestine- Israel

In pursuit of peace and out of our faith commitment, Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, Jerusalem has formulated a set of principles by which we, as Palestinian Christians, believe a just, secure, comprehensive and lasting peace can be achieved.

Reflections in the Galilee

At this site on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus asked the question of Peter, “Do you love me?” He then followed with the directive to go out to serve. It is our prayer that you will use this quiet time to hear Jesus speaking to you in a way that not only enriches your personal […]

Suicide Bombers

The issue of Palestinian suicide bombings has become a familiar topic to many people throughout the world. It is easy for people, whether inside Israel/Palestine or outside to either quickly and forthrightly condemn it as a primitive and barbaric form of terrorism against civilians; or condone and support it as a legitimate method of resisting […]

The Bible and the Palestine Israel Conflict

This book is a compilation and papers from the Sabeel 9th International Conference. From sermons and Bible studies to presentations by international law experts, this conference is used and abused in the Holy Land and in the context of the occupation of Palestine.

The Forgotten Faithful

This collection offers a broad look at the history of Christianity in the Holy Land, the contributions of the historic churches, the tradition of pilgrimage, the effect of cultural context on Biblical reflection, and the current realities of Palestinian life both for those living under Israeli Occupation and for those who are Israeli citizens.

The Wall has been broken down

“The wall has been broken down,” Paul (or one of his pupils) writes in the Epistle to the Ephesians. The ‘wall of hostility” which separated Jewish people from non-Jewish people has been broken down by Jesus Christ, through God`s unconditional and universal love which goes out to all men and women, irrespective of their ethnic origin […]

Zionism and the Quest for Justice in the Holy Land

A critical examination of political Zionism, a topic often considered taboo in the West, is long overdue. Moreover, the discussion of Christian Zionism is usually confined to Evangelical and fundamentalist settings. The present volume will break the silence currently reigning in many religious, political, and academic circles and, in so doing, will provoke and inspire a […]

A Palestinian Theology of Liberation

On Friday, November 3, 2017 130 people gathered at Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem, as Sabeel, together with Bilda (Swedish Christian Study Centre), The Educational Bookshop and the Tantur Ecumenical Institute hosted a book launch to introduce Rev. Naim Ateek’s latest work, A Palestinian Theology of Liberation; The Bible, Justice and the Palestine-Israel Conflict (Orbis, […]

Booklet Summaries

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To download the new booklets by Rev Dr Naim Ateek please see the links below for epub and PDF format. Religion and Politics in Israel/ Palestine and the Question of Toleration/Intolerance (Dedicated to Betsy Barlow) and Liberation Theology as a Test for Authentic Religion (Dedicated to Gustavo Guitiérrez) Palestinian Liberation Theology: A Lecture Given By […]