Sabeel International Gathering

An International Gathering for the Friends and Supporters of Sabeel Gathering Invitation Programme Registration Form Local Registration Form Download information sheet on Gathering and Post-Gathering tour here. For more information email Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre is preparing for its 1st International Gathering this year. The dates are Sunday 1st (the gathering will begin […]

10th Sabeel International Conference


Sabeel 10th International Conference

Dear Friends, Greetings from Jerusalem. As you may already know, Sabeel will be holding its 10th International Conference March 7-13, 2017. We are looking ahead to 2017 with a sense of anticipation and urgency. You may or may not be aware of the symbolism of the coming year: 100 years since the Balfour Declaration; 70 […]

9th International Conference

November 19-24, 2013. “The Bible and the Palestine-Israel Conflict.” Sabeel’s 9th International Conference focused directly on the issue of the Bible.It has taken us many years to arrive at this point: to address squarely the use, misuse, and abuse of the Bible. Finally the hour has come. A quick look at the last 25 years […]

Come and See Conference

“Kom Och Se!”  “Come and See!” 25-29 March 2012 Beit Sahour Participant from all over Sweden arrived in Bethlehem after various pre-conference witness tours. On Sunday evening, 25 March, Abla Nasir from the Sabeel Board welcomed the group on behalf of Rev. Naim Ateek who was returning from speaking engagements in Norway and the USA.  […]

8th International Conference

February 23-28, 2011 “Challenging Empire: God, Faithfulness and Resistance.” Hind Khoury Sabeel’s Eighth International Conference focuses on a subject critical to any meaningful peace in Palestine, the region and the world, namely the issue of Empire. Sabeel’s mission, as reflected in all its previous international and national conferences, is to address the central themes of […]

7th International Conference

The Nakba: Memory, Reality and Beyond 2008 The Seventh International Conference held in November 2008 at the Golden Crown, Nazareth, Notre Dame Conference Center, Jerusalem and Al Feneiq Center, Bethlehem was titled The Nakba, Memory, Reality, and Beyond. The Agenda provides an outline of the subjects covered under the broad headings of “Time to Mourn”, […]

6th International Conference

November 2-9, 2006 “The Forgotten Faithful: A Window into the Life and Witness of Christians in the Holy Land.” Palestinian Christians are the offspring of those first disciples and apostles whom Jesus called and who followed him. They are the offspring of those who, on the Day of Pentecost 2000 years ago, experienced the empowerment […]

5th International Conference

April 2004 CHALLENGING CHRISTIAN ZIONISM In April 2004, Sabeel held its 5th international conference on the theme of Challenging Christian Zionism. Over 500 people representing more than 30 countries attended the conference at the Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem. Sabeel’s conference on Christian Zionism had been brewing for a number of years. Many of us […]

4th International Conference

Cancelled Conference – Two Thousand Years of Christian Heritage in the Middle East (2001) A fourth conference was scheduled for early 2001 but was cancelled due to the political situation in Israel/Palestine following the start of the Second Intifada. Naim Ateek in the Cornerstone (issue 20) Christmas message editorial compared the current situation with Herod’s […]

3rd International Conference

Furthermore, we chose Bethlehem for political and theological reasons. It is the place from which the holy family, Joseph, Mary, and Jesus, left as refugees to escape the threat of King Herod. Herod, on the one hand, still represents people in power today who viciously use their power in order to terrorise and kill others. […]

2nd International Conference

The conflict over Palestine has been simmering for almost a hundred years, at times reaching boiling point and vacillating continuously between low and high intensity strife. Since the Madrid conference in October 1991, Palestinians and the Israelis have been attempting to achieve a settlement to the conflict through peaceful negotiations. The negotiations between the two […]

1st International Conference

Faith And The intifada Rosemary Radford Ruether This book represents, in part, papers that were given at the First International Symposium on Palestinian Liberation Theology at Tantur, between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, during March 10-17, 1990. The conference itself was two years in the planning, and several workshops were held around Israel and Occupied Palestine to […]