Staying in the Conversation

This edition of Sabeel’s “Cornerstone” publication is focused on interfaith and inter-religious dialogue. The issue features viewpoints from writers with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. From the outset, it is important that we establish the difference between interfaith and inter-religious dialogue. It is entirely possible to be in an interfaith situation without dialogue, simply standing in solidarity alongside those of another denomination or faith. Coexistence is in itself an interfaith act – an interaction between faiths. Inter-religious dialogue, on the other hand, requires an exchange to take place. This exchange can be a collection of theologians from across the religious spectrum coming together to discuss matters of doctrine, or it can be individuals coming together to discuss issues of mutual concern. Through this issue of Cornerstone, we at Sabeel aim to encourage interfaith and inter-religious dialogue in a way which is just and inclusive, authentic and vulnerable. We commit to staying in the conversation—even when it is difficult—whilst at the same time holding strongly to our own faith and beliefs. Download/print

Cornerstone 79 Religions en dialogue