Wave of Prayer

Oct 26th , 2023

On the evening of Tuesday, October 17, a strike on Gaza’s al-Ahli Arab Hospital, often called the Baptist Hospital, killed at least 500 people, most of them children and women. Images and videos revealed body parts scattered across the hospital grounds, doctors performing emergency surgeries without anesthesia, and parents screaming and crying at the side of their deceased children. This is one of the most tragic bombings Palestinians have ever experienced. In response, the Palestinian Authority declared three days of mourning over al-Ahli hospital. 

•  Lord, we come to you with heavy hearts, praying for an immediate ceasefire and an end to all violence. We ask for wisdom and compassion to touch the hearts of those in power and influence, guiding them towards peace and justice. May a thorough investigation hold all responsible for war crimes accountable, and may the deep-rooted injustices against the Palestinian people find a path to healing and resolution.

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer 

On October 19th, an Israeli airstrike tragically resulted in the loss of at least 18 lives and numerous injuries at the Greek Orthodox Saint Porphyrius Church compound in Gaza. Before the attack, the church received multiple warnings from the Israeli military about an impending strike on the area. Sadly, due to the ongoing bombardment across the entire Gaza strip, the people at the church had no safe haven to seek refuge other than within the church itself. In the past week, 31 mosques and 3 churches have been damaged in Gaza.  

God of Sumud, as we think and pray for the Palestinians who were bombed in the Church, let us remember Saint Porphyrius words “The love of God transforms everything; it sanctifies, amends, and changes the nature of everything.” We humbly pray for the people of Gaza, especially those affected by the recent tragedy at the church. Comfort the grieving, heal the wounded, and bring peace to their hearts.

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer

Violence rises in the West Bank amid Israel’s continuing assault on the Gaza Strip. At least 89 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli troops or settlers in the West Bank since the October 7th and more than 1100 Palestinians have been arrested by the Israeli army. Moreover, Palestinians in the West Bank have been protesting against Palestinian Authority, highlighting the long-simmering Palestinian anger against President Mahmoud Abbas.

Eternal God, we lift up all Palestinians in the West Bank who are experiencing a soar of violence from settlers and the Israeli army. Comfort the families who have lost loved ones, may their deaths be a witness to the injustice of the occupation. Lord, grant the Palestinians in the West Bank your protection and love in this period of darkness and death. We pray that corruption in all forms will cease to exist, so that truth, justice, and peace flourish.

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer.

Since October 7th, Palestinian journalists and medical professionals have faced extremely dire conditions. Several Palestinian journalists have lost their lives or live under constant threats to their safety. Tragically, some of these journalists have had to report on the deaths of their own family members. Similarly, Palestinian medical workers have also been subjected to horrible situations, with some suffering injuries or losing their lives while working under unimaginably challenging circumstances.

Merciful God, in this time we are witnessing so much darkness and sin. However, the Palestinian journalists and medical workers are showing acts of heroism, working best they can under hellish circumstances. Bless and protect them as they are doing Holy work. We thank them for their Sumud and pray that their inspiring work may be known across the globe.

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer

On the 16th of October, Israeli police arrested influential singer, Dalal Abu Amnh, in her home in Nazareth. The arrest was under the alleged claims of “incitement” after she posted sympathy for the children of Gaza. This incident is part of a wider campaign of arrest and interrogation over remarks of Palestinian citizens of Israel expressing solidarity with the residents Gaza. Furthermore, Israel’s police commissioner, Kobi Shabtai, has threatened to send Palestinian citizens of Israel to Gaza for showing support for the besieged residents.

God of liberation, we lift up all Palestinian citizens of Israel who are undergoing threats, abuse, and at times physical violence. Lord, send Abu Amna and her family encouragement, strength, and pray that truth shall be revealed. We ask for your wisdom and mercy as Palestinian citizens of Israel to discern how and when to show their support for those suffering in Gaza. May lies and intimidation crumble down like the walls of Jericho.

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer

Next Kumi Now Online will focus on the subject of Antisemitism. In recent times, there has been a rise of anti-Jewish crimes particularly committed by certain right-wing movements in the West. Indeed, this corresponds with other spikes of racism around the globe. 

God of inclusivity, you have created all in your image. We pray that antisemitism and all forms of racism halt through the power of your Holy Spirit. Grant us the strength to be instruments of justice and compassion in your name. 

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer      

On the 18th of October, UN General Secretary António Guterres, called Security Council resolution for an immediate humanitarian momentary ceasefire in Palestine-Israel to provide life saving aid for the “epic human suffering” in Gaza. Whilst 12 of the Council’s 15 members voted in favour of Guterres’ resolution, and two (Russia, and the United Kingdom) abstained, the United States, was the only vote against which vetoed the whole resolution.  

• Resurrected Christ, the rejection to merely call for a temporary ceasefire to provide lifesaving aid, reminds one of the sheer evils existing in our world. We hold in faith that all shall face your divine wrath. We thank all protests, statements, petitions, and UN resolutions which call for an immediate ceasefire, allowing for aid to go to Gaza and potentially save thousands of lives. We plead for more people to join the efforts of a ceasefire.

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer

• We join with the World Council of Churches in their prayer for the Carribean.

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer