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In recent weeks, Israeli Finance Minister, Bezalel Smotrich, revoked administration powers from the Palestinian Authority (PA) to Israel, over a large territory of the West Bank. This provides Israel control over construction, zoning, and planning for Palestinians in that area. The Israeli cabinet also adopted measures against Palestinian officials, saying that some might be expelled or have their movement restricted. Many Palestinians who live on these lands are now fearing imminent displacement.  

• God of Naboth, protect us from modern day Jezebels and Ahabs who plot, scheme, and murder to steal our lands. Lord, as we become more vulnerable to settler colonialism in the West Bank, where our lands, identity, and histories are erased, we remain faithful that you are just and see our suffering. Lord, we pray that our oppressors may repent like Ahab (1 Kings 21:29), turning away from supremacy and domination. 

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer