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An Israeli doctor at a field hospital for Gazan detainees at Israel’s Sde Teiman army base has described “deplorable conditions” and “routine” amputations due to handcuff injuries. In a letter to Israel’s attorney general and defence and health ministers, obtained by Haaretz, the doctor said the conditions at Sde Teiman field hospital compromise inmates’ health and violates medical ethics. Additionally, CNN has recently published a report detailing how the detainees are permanently blindfolded and held in diapers. 

God of protection, you, like many Palestinians, were unjustly tortured, neglected, and humiliated. Lord, we do not know how, but assure the Palestinians who are unjustly treated that you see them. Remind us that if we oppress and torture the weak, we are handcuffed to hatred by denying our own humanity. Lord, break the literal and systematic chains of sin and empower us to never give up struggling for goodness and mercy.

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer