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On June 8th, the Israeli military conducted a massacre in Nuseirat refugee camp, in its military operation to rescue some of the Israeli hostages. The Israeli army and their intelligence personnel disguised themselves as displaced Palestinians seeking aid. At least 274 Palestinians were killed, with nearly 700 people sustaining injuries, mostly civilians, according to medical reports. Four Israeli hostages were rescued in the operation.

Divine creator, we know that every human being is equal before your eyes. Lord, whilst we are grateful the four Israeli hostages were rescued, we are outraged that it took a massacre to do so. Lord, how long until Palestinian lives are seen by the world to be created in your image? How long can truth and goodness be twisted with deceit and hate? Lord, intervene by bringing your holy justice which values Palestinian lives equally to others, and uproots the source of injustice.

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer