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On the 30th of May, Shadi Khoury, the grandson of one of our founders, Samia Khoury, was back in Israeli courts. Shadi was arrested brutally along with other children in 2022 under the false accusation of disturbance and plans to cause harm to Israelis. Since then, Shadi has been under house arrest with a long series of trials and sessions attempting to convict him. Despite this, Shadi was able to graduate from high school on June 2nd with the support of his peers, friends, and teachers at the Friends School in Ramallah. 

God of mercy, we pray for Shadi and his family who are suffering from the cruelty of the empire. We thank you for the support of his school despite everything and ask you to strengthen Shadi in times of weakness and healing through liberation. Lord, give sight to those who are blind to their participation in oppression. We remember the proverb that, “Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment” (Proverbs 12:19).

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer