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On the 14th of February, at least 10 people, including six children, were killed by Israeli air strikes in villages across southern Lebanon. Furthermore, Iran launched attacks in Syria and Iraq after members of its elite forces were killed in Damascus allegedly in Israeli attacks, while the US, along with the United Kingdom, has carried out several attacks against the Houthis in Yemen. Experts warn that if an immediate ceasefire is not achieved, there will be further escalation and violence in the region. 

• God of peace, the empires, states, and militaries of the world legitimise themselves through violence and deceit. As we proclaim that you are the “Prince of Peace,” help us to be agents who work for an immediate ceasefire of bombs and lies in our region, especially in Gaza. Help us disrupt and end settler colonialism so that we can rejoice in peace and justice.

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer