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For over 120 days, Palestinian medical workers, journalists, and rescue teams have been working under constant life threating situations and hellish conditions. At least 300 healthcare workers have been killed in Gaza, according to the UN. This is more than the total number of health worker deaths recorded across all countries in conflict last year, and in any single year since 2016. Furthermore, according to the government media in Gaza, at least 100 journalists have been killed since the 7th of October.  

Everlasting God, words cannot express how the medical workers, journalists, and rescue teams have showed acts of heroism. They are saints in medical and journalist uniforms, risking their lives for the sake of others. Lord, protect the remaining medical teams, journalists, and rescue teams who have not yet been killed. Illuminate how we, wherever we are and with the capabilities we have, can act with selfless love for those most in need. 

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer