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On May 18th, Sabeel Jerusalem hosted a Bible study at their office focused on the scripture reading of Jesus appearing to the two disciples in Emmaus. Led by Sister Ghada from the Rosary Sisters, the session aimed to deepen participants’ understanding of encounter, revelation, and hospitality. The interactive and inclusive study fostered engaging discussions and personal reflections, leaving attendees spiritually uplifted and inspired. The event successfully provided a space for communal reflection and growth in faith.

  • Dear Lord, We recognize and honor the wisdom and leadership of women, who uplift and inspire us with their deep understanding of scripture and their commitment to fostering spiritual growth. May these gatherings continue to empower women, nurturing their spiritual growth and enabling them to be catalysts for positive change. Grant us the strength to create spaces where women’s voices are uplifted, where their insights are valued, and where their unique contributions enrich our understanding of Your teachings. Lord in your mercy….Hear our prayers