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In another report B”Tselem has provided witness statements about assaults being carried out by Israeli forces on mourners at Palestinian funerals. Since the date of Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral on Friday, the 13th of May, there have been violent assaults by Israeli forces at three other Palestinian funerals. Israeli forces have used clubs, tear gas, stun grenades and sponge rounds on Palestinian mourners.

•     Lord, we pray for all those Palestinian families who attended family funerals and experienced violent assaults from the Israeli authorities. We pray for the families and friends who suffered this contempt at the funerals of Shireen Abu Akleh, Walid a-Sharif, Ghufran Warasnah and Nayfeh a-Tous. We pray that the Israeli authorities will leave the Palestinian people to mourn their loved ones in peace.
Lord, in your mercy…