Sabeel presented a workshop for participants in the Taizé Community gathering

On Tuesday 10 May, Omar Haramy, the Director of Sabeel, presented a workshop in Jerusalem for participants in the Taizé Community gathering, a group of 300 Christian young people from around the world. The Churches of the Holy Land, the Ecumenical Institute of Tantur, and the Taizé Community asked Sabeel to give a workshop for young Christians between the ages of 18 and 35, from Europe and other continents. The workshop is part of a gathering in the Holy Land from 8-15 May. This week of prayer, reflection, and sharing is called, “Journeying Together to Sources of Hope”. The theme was chosen based on the scripture: “We struggle because we have placed our hope in the living God…” (I Timothy 4:10). Taizé is a Christian ecumenical organization in the Burgundy region of France.