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Since the 7th of October, medical workers, journalists, taxi and ambulance drivers, and many others, have performed true acts of heroism. They have healed the sick and injured, given a voice to the voiceless, and helped rescue those trapped in the rubble, risking their own lives. At least 44 Palestinian journalists and over 192 Palestinian doctors have died since the 7th of October, with many others injured.

God of life, we express gratitude for the courage and steadfastness exhibited by the medical professionals, journalists, taxi drivers, and rescue workers in Gaza. Their unwavering commitment to saving and empowering human life is a powerful reflection of the goodness and compassion within our community. Lord may their acts of love and benevolence inspire and uplift all who strive for freedom, justice, and security. Send your Holy Spirit to all who are injured, sick, and trapped under the rubble.

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer