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On the 9th of November, Sabeel Jerusalem held a silent vigil with the lighting of candles and lifting of prayers for the current situation. This occurred in the Tera Sancta School courtyard and was attended by at least 300 people. Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzabella shared a short reflection on the situation and was among the many who attended the event. Additionally, on the 10th of November, Sabeel held a webinar titled “Transnational Solidarity amongst Liberation Theologies: Palestine and Beyond”. This event was aimed to foster more transnational solidarity and action amongst liberation theologies. 

Resurrected Christ, whilst feelings of despair are dominating our daily lives, we “Trust in the Lord and do good”. We thank you Lord, for the efforts of the Sabeel Jerusalem staff, their allies, and many others who played a role in making these events possible. We pray that these events planted seeds that one day will grow. We ask your Spirit to water the seeds already planted, as we know that they hold future promise. May the Holy Spirit work in all our efforts for justice, liberation and peace.

Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer