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Although Israel has emerged as a global frontrunner in water management and technology, with notable achievements such as the groundbreaking project that commenced last year, channeling desalinated seawater from the Mediterranean to the receding Sea of Galilee, concerns have been raised by rights groups regarding the impact on Palestinians. The situation remains challenging as the Israel occupation maintains control over approximately 80% of water reserves in the West Bank, while both the West Bank and Gaza Strip confront acute water shortages.

  • Lord, Ignite a fire within us all, a fire that burns for justice, that drives us to stand with the marginalized and oppressed. Grant comfort and resilience to the Palestinians who bear the burden of water scarcity, as their rivers and wells are controlled and diverted away. Embrace them with Your compassion, soothing their thirst for justice and quenching their longing for equality. Lord in your mercy….Hear our prayers