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Violence broke out in the city of Nablus at the site of Joseph’s tomb in the early hours of Wednesday, the 9th of November. Armed Israeli forces entered the Balata neighbourhood, near the refugee camp, to escort a party of visiting right-wing Israeli members of the Knesset. During armed clashes Mahdi Hashash, a fifteen-year-old Palestinian youth was wounded by shrapnel and later died in Nablus hospital. It is not clear if he died from the Israeli gunshot wound or from an explosive devise he was reportedly carrying at the time.

  • Lord, we pray for Mahdi’s family as they grieve the loss of his young life. In this year alone, 137 Palestinians have already lost their lives, among them 30 children. During the same period 22 Israelis have lost their lives through Palestinian attacks. We pray for an end to the relentless night raids, arrests and shootings by the Israeli military which enflame the conflict. Lord, in your mercy..