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Shadi Khoury remains in prison without any charges for a third week. Conditions in Israeli prisons are tough and Shadi was hit by guards for daring to sing in prison. He is due to appear in court on the 14th of November, after his trial was postponed. His classmates at the Quaker School in Ramallah have rallied to his support. They have had T-shirts printed with Shadi’s photo on them and a hashtag in Arabic saying, ‘Shadi is our pride’. They reject any attempt by the Israeli authorities to criminalize him. Since the start of the year, 630 Palestinian children have been arrested by the Israeli authorities, most of them from Jerusalem.

  • Lord, we continue to hold Shadi and other Palestinian children in our prayers and pray for their release from prison. We pray for an end to the targeting of Palestinian children by the Israeli authorities for violence, torture and imprisonment in military prisons. Lord, in your mercy..