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A six-year-old boy, Hasan al-Abayat was grabbed by Israeli soldiers and kept for more than an hour in Kisan in the Bethlehem District. B’Tselem reports that soldiers came to his home on Saturday, the 25th of June, to question his father Musa, the head of the village council. Earlier in the day Musa had supervised a peaceful protest over the pungent smell generated by a waste recycling plant at the nearby settlement of Ma’ale Amos. Family and friends tried to rescue Hasan, but the soldiers threw stun grenades at them to fend them off. The young child was finally released when his father returned from work and he was then frisked, interrogated and detained.

•     Lord, it is harrowing to think of Hasan, such a young child, terrorized by fully armed soldiers and separated from his family. We pray for the al-Abayat family and for the trauma they recently suffered. We pray for the residents of Kisan whose daily lives are blighted by pollution coming from the nearby settlement.
Lord in your mercy…