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Nizar Banat, a resident of Hebron in the West Bank, is a political and social activist, a father of four, and a carpenter. Banat often speaks about his dissatisfaction with the Palestinian Authority. Banat uses social media to criticize the Palestinian Authority with daring videos posted on Facebook, and this criticism has landed him in hot water with the authorities. Last week, Nizar Banat, posted a video on Facebook, criticizing the Palestinian Leadership for its security coordination with Israel. Within hours, the PA’s Preventive Security Agency arrested him on charges of “defaming public authorities.” He was taken to the notorious Jericho Prison based on a complaint filed by Hussein al-Sheikh, the head of the General Authority of Civil Affairs since 2007.

  • Lord, we give thanks to all who speak truth to power in the world and specially in our Palestinian community. May our local community continue to cherish the freedom of expression and refuse to surrender to all forms of domination and intimidation. May the prophetic voices continue to echo in our cities, villages and refugee camps and make the powerful uncomfortable until they listen to the will of the people. Lord in your mercy…Hear our prayers