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In an open letter more than a thousand academics and lawyers have called on government and academic institutions around the world to stop subjecting those who call for justice for Palestine to censorship and reprisals. An offer of employment from the University of Toronto to the international lawyer, Dr Valentina Azarova, was withdrawn when a judge objected to her research into Israeli occupation policies. The University of Toronto denies any official offer of employment was ever made. The letter cites this as just one example of how any criticism of the Israeli government is now being suppressed, at a time when their oppression of Palestinians is being intensified.

•     Lord Jesus, you ask us to put away falsehood and ask us to ‘speak the truth with our neighbour for we are members of one another’ (Eph. 4:25). We pray that academics and lawmakers around the world will have the courage to continue speaking truth to the powerful and will not be silenced. Lord, in your mercy…hear our prayer.