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A second wave of the coronavirus has hit the occupied West Bank and Israel over the past few weeks. As of the 27th July there are 8,320 active cases, with 78 deaths recorded. In Gaza the numbers have remained more stable with 75 people diagnosed and one person having died. While in Israel there has been an ongoing spike in the number of cases, bringing the numbers of those who have tested positive to 61,956, while 470 people have died. Beyond the cold statistics many people in Palestine were touched by the devotion of a thirty-year-old son from Beit Awwa, who climbed to the third-floor window of the Hebron State Hospital to sit and see his mother who was suffering from the virus and then died on the 16th of July.

  • Lord, we are moved when we hear that a grown son so longed to be close to his dying mother that he risked climbing up the outside of a hospital to glimpse her through the window. So many people have been prevented from being present at the bedside of their loved ones or attending their funerals as the virus is so contagious. We pray for comfort for those who have not been able to take their leave of beloved relatives. Lord in your mercy…hear our prayer.