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In Week 40 of the Kumi Now Initiative, Archbishop Elias Chacour, (author of ‘Blood Brothers’) spoke about the barriers to education experienced by Palestinian children. Israel runs a separate and unequal school system favouring Jewish Israelis over Palestinian students. There are some private Christian schools committed to diversity and equality among their students, but they receive a much lower subsidy from the government than Jewish schools. The Mar Elias School in Ibillin is one such school and it welcomes Muslim, Christian and Druze children from 45 different villages in the Galilee area. In Week 41, representatives from Women in Black and other organisations will speak about how the occupation impacts society in Israel/ Palestine on Tuesday, the 21st of July. (sign up at

  • Lord, we pray about the divisive use of taxes to fund Israeli Jewish schools more favourably than schools for Palestinian students. We pray that such discrimination will be challenged and will cease. We thank you for schools like the Mar Elias School in Galilee, where Palestinian children from different faith backgrounds are respected and can learn together and grow in mutual respect. Lord, in your mercy…hear our prayer.