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This week’s Kumi Now Initiative focuses on the work of the Christian Peacemaker Team,(CPT), Palestine. The CPT Palestine is based in the West Bank city of Hebron. Palestinian residents in Hebron, particularly those living in the H2 area in the Old City of Hebron, are subjected to violence from Israeli settlers and soldiers. Their daily journeys to work or school are restricted by military checkpoints, ID and bag checks, detainments and arrests.

The CPT Palestine is a presence on the ground to witness and record human rights’ violations. They monitor checkpoints and support families when their children are detained or arrested. By invitation, the team also assists Palestinian families with the olive harvest when they are at risk from settler assaults and military activity. Each incident the team witnesses is documented and compiled into quarterly reports which are shared with the home community as well as the international community.

  • Lord, we pray for the CPT Palestine team which is made up of volunteers from all over the world. We pray for their protection as they live in the city of Hebron and monitor the violence and human rights’ abuses against the Palestinian people living under occupation there. We pray that those in positions of power and influence in the world will pay attention to their detailed reports of abuse and act to bring an end to the Israeli military occupation. Lord, in your mercy…