Kamal Boullata

Kamal Boullata, a renowned Palestinian abstract painter died in Berlin last week. His work focused on his Palestinian identity and his state of exile. He was born in Jerusalem in 1942 and he grew up in the Old City. He was out of the country at an exhibition in Beirut in 1967, at the time of the Israeli occupation. He was never allowed to return to live in Jerusalem, except for one brief visit in 1984. After strenuous efforts his family secured permission for him to be buried in the Greek Orthodox cemetery on Mount Zion, next to his ancestors.

  • Lord we thank you for the life and artistic gifts of the late Kamal Boullata and for the inspiration of the Old City of Jerusalem in his light and colourful paintings. We pray for the many Palestinians who, like Kamal, have lived their lives in exile from the homeland they love. Lord, in your mercy…hear our prayer.