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As part of the Sabeel Wave of Prayer for Thursday 23rd May 2019 we had news and a prayer for the death of Aisha Al-Lulu, unfortunately the reporting from where we took the news at the time was not accurate. Therefore please see the below replacement news item:

Aisha Al-Lulu, a five-year-old Palestinian girl with cancer from Gaza, died in a Gaza hospital. Aisha had undergone a complex operation to remove a cancerous tumour from the brain stem and died due to complications after surgery. Aisha was treated in a Jerusalem hospital, however, her parents were repeatedly denied permission to leave Gaza and join her during her treatment, leaving the five-year-old to cope alone with major surgery and a difficult recovery.

  • Lord, we remember the family of Aisha as they grieve for their loss. We confess the sin of being silent and tolerating for long the unjust Israeli military practices. Lord help us in our struggle to regain our freedom and dignity. Lord in your mercy…hear our prayer.