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The Israeli group ‘Breaking the Silence’ erected an enormous billboard on the busiest street in Tel Aviv with the slogan, ‘Dare to Dream of Freedom’, playing on this year’s Eurovision slogan, ‘Dare to Dream’. ‘Breaking the Silence’ is an NGO group comprised of former soldiers against Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. Behind the slogan the billboard shows a picture of Tel Aviv’s Mediterranean beachfront alongside a view of Israel’s West Bank separation wall with a military watchtower. It also invites visitors to ‘See the Full Picture’ with daily free tours to Hebron in the occupied West Bank.

  • Dear Lord, millions of people viewed the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, the 18th of May. Many will be unaware of the apartheid conditions suffered by Palestinians living in the West Bank and particularly by those living near the separation wall. We are thankful for the courage of the activists in the ‘Breaking the Silence’ group in erecting the billboard and offering tours to the West Bank. We pray that they will open the eyes and hearts of many more people to the sufferings of the Palestinians. Lord, in your mercy…hear our prayer.