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Following the Great March of Return and Breaking the Siege protests, during which three Gazans were killed, the situation in Gaza again seems desperate: Israeli airstrikes in retaliation for hundreds of rockets fired by militia from Gaza towards Israel resulting in the death of four Israelis and around 23 Palestinians, with many more injured. These bombardments cruelly punish the mainly peaceful people of Gaza, whose desire is to live with dignity and freedom. An Egyptian negotiated ceasefire took effect early this week, but any break in hostilities is very fragile.

  • God of peace, our prayers for a real and lasting cease-fire and the protection of the civilians are unending. From lack of water, electricity, and medical supplies to the onset of diseases, the humanitarian disaster caused by the Israeli blockade of in Gaza from both land and sea has no immediate end.  Lord, comfort your people in Gaza; be with them in the shelters, in their broken neighbourhoods, in the overcrowded hospitals, and in the lines as they wait for water.  Lord in your mercy…hear our prayer.