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Two Palestinian children were killed in a fire at their home in the Al Salaymeh neighborhood of Hebron Old City in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, the 6th of March. The fire brigade was held up at a roadblock by Israeli soldiers and was unable to reach the children in time, neigbhours who entered the home and took the children were also held at a checkpoint carrying the children, meaning that they could not get the children to a hospital in time. A 4-year-old boy Wael Al Rajabi and his 18-month-old sister, Malak, were killed and another brother suffered severe burns in the incident.

·      Lord, we pray for the family of Wael and Malak as they mourn their loss and we pray for the recovery of their brother. We pray that this tragedy may drive the Israeli occupying authorities to reconsider whether they should ever delay the emergency services from responding to critical incidents. Lord, in your mercy…hear our prayers.