Sabeel International Gathering

Palestinian Theologies In Action
An International Gathering for the Friends and Supporters of Sabeel


Dear Friends,

Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre is preparing for its 1st Sabeel Gathering later this year. The gathering will take place from Monday 2nd to Saturday 7th December 2019, in two different venues, Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Therefore, we begin this introductory rationale with a warm welcome to every one of our friends and supporters. We would love to have you join us. Come and bring your friends. It will be a time of fellowship, friendship, and renewal, as well as a time to learn and discuss.

It is said that theology is like a cross which vertically leads humanity to God, and horizontally leads us to our neighbour. For Palestinian Christians, this link was damaged during the Nakba. Unable to go back to our former theological thinking while struggling to find a way forward. Whether it was Western feelings of guilt, the theology of Christian literalists, or the ideology of Zionism, the bible was used to grant approval to the tragedy of the Palestinian people. This is the Faith Nakba, from which various Palestinian Christian theologies have sprung. We at Sabeel believe it is now time to celebrate these theologies, the answers they provide, and the questions they raise; and to gather to recommit ourselves to keep on the struggle until justice, liberation, and peace are realized.

This Gathering will explore following themes:

  1. Realities on the Ground

We will spend time seeing the realities on the ground in Palestine and Israel. Speaking to people, seeing places, and spending time in reflection in the land of the Holy One.

 2. The Theologies of Palestine

We will hear from theologians from Palestine and further afield. We will discuss and reflect together on the past, present, and future.

3. Theology in Action

Based on the new Kumi Now initiative from Sabeel we will explore the ways in which Palestinian Liberation Theology is developed through action in order to achieve a just peace in Palestine and Israel. We believe that there are three principles on which any action should be based: it should be just (based on international law), inclusive (open to all), and nonviolent (not overcoming evil by evil, but overcoming evil by good (Romans 12:21))

We will hear from activists, organisations, and individuals from various backgrounds. We will take part in action, and we will endeavour to answer the question of how theology can lead to action in order to achieve a just peace.

Again, we call on our friends to come and join us in this important gathering.  Your presence gives us hope and encouragement as together we continue on the path of peace with justice.


Naim Ateek                                        

Chairman of the Board      


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Rassemblement international de Sabeel 2019