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The Kumi Now non-violent initiative continues this week with the work of Christian Peacemaker Teams and the topic of  Israeli military checkpoints used to enforce the occupation. Palestinians in the West Bank city of Hebron suffer from the presence of Israeli settlers and the military in the centre of the Old City. Christian Peacemaker Teams have been monitoring human rights abuses in this area since 1995.

The Kumi action asks you to send a letter to your local police chief or commissioner asking, ‘Do you purchase equipment from Combined Systems or any other company which profits from the Israeli occupation?’

  • Lord, we pray for Palestinians who are subjected to delays, body searches and even detainment as they have to pass through military checkpoints on their way to school or work in their hometowns. We pray for the work of the Christian Peacemaker Teams as they report human rights abuses resulting from the occupation to the international authorities. Lord, in your mercy… hear our prayers