Sabeel Wave of Prayer

December 7th, 2017

Last Sunday, offset the beginning of the blessed season of Advent around the world. Many Churches in Palestine started their preparations for Christmas.

  • Lord we are reminded that this is the land you chose to come to, bringing your love and tidings of your Kingdom. We pray for the many Churches in our land, that your Spirit will be with us all, as we prepare to welcome you anew this Christmas.
    Lord in Your mercy …..

Last Thursday, Qusra, a village in the Nablus district of the occupied West Bank has expressed outrage over the killing of a Palestinian farmer, while working on his own land, by an Israeli settler.

  • Lord we pray for the family of Mahmoud Odeh; especially for his ten children, that you will comfort them in their sorrow and loss. We ask you Lord to provide for their spiritual and practical needs. We pray for an end to the Israeli occupation that continues to harvest innocent lives.
    Lord in your mercy…

This week, The Center for Environmental Education is holding its 8th Palestinian Conference for Environmental Awareness and Education: Green Education: yesterday and today.  Also this week, Kairos Palestine is celebrating its 8th anniversary in a conference under the title “The Palestinian Christians: The Reality & The Role”

  • Lord please be with our different Palestinian organizations as they work to reflect on the challenges that face us, explore solutions and share experiences in a land troubled by injustice.
    Lord in your mercy….

Opposition is growing in the world to an expected announcement by Donald Trump that the US will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

  • Lord, we pray for the city of peace, our city Jerusalem. May the powerful decision makers abandon tyranny and exclusivity and surrender to your will of justice and inclusivity. We pray for true peace in the city of Jerusalem, the city loved by all its children

Lord in your Mercy…

“Human Rights Watch”, emphasized again the urgency to publish the UN database of businesses that profit from Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian lands.

  • Lord we cry to you, and we cry to the world to help free us from the occupation. For the greedy, the love of money is stronger than ethics and justice.  Please be with us Lord that darkness may be overcome, please shine your light in our darkness and free us from this cruel unjust occupation.
    Lord in your mercy …

Israeli occupation forces have installed six caravans at a military outpost in Hebron city, expropriating  one and a half dunams of Palestinian land.

  • Lord, the Israeli army continues to humiliate and rob our people from the little we have left. We pray for an end to the Israeli occupation that provides the military with a license to commit injustice.
    Lord in your mercy …..


  • We join the World Council of Churches in praying for the countries of Myanmar, Thailand. We especially remember the stateless Rohingyas from Rakhan State and other internally displaced people and refugees, so that they receive what they need: food, clothing, medicine, blankets, education, justice and security.
    Lord in your mercy…