A Woman’s Reflection on Martha & Mary

After a difficult summer due to Israel’s massive military aggression on Gaza, we decided to bring our women back together for a forum to follow up on their spiritual retreat last June.
With autumn arriving and with new hope, about 30 women gathered for a pleasant evening at the front yard of St. Andrews Scottish church, to reflect on the story of Mary and Martha.With Sabeel co-founder and volunteer Mrs. Cedar Duaybis as the moderator, the women were eager to listen and get into discussion; each of them reflected on whether they related more to Martha or Mary. It was fascinating to see how the women echoed themselves in the characters in the Bible.They even had an interesting debate on whether Mary was fond of Jesus in a humanly way or vice versa.
The women were kind enough to all bring snacks and some refreshments so they could all join in conversation, which gave Cedar a chance to answer their questions and have a one-on-one discussion with them.
Atthe end of our evening together, Sabeel’s program coordinator Sawsan Bitar announced to the women the news of Sabeel’s new interim director that will soon join us, and answered the women’s questions.They all enjoyed themselves and are looking forward for future programs.