Young Women’s meeting

The young women gathered again on November 29th, 2013; they were so excited after Sabeel’s first young women’s meeting that they agreed promptly when they heard about it. As many as fourteen young women showed up at St. George’s Guest House.

At the beginning our speaker, Mrs. Abla Nasir, who is also one of the board members of Sabeel, introduced herself and the purpose of the meeting. Then she asked each of the women to introduce herself.

They discussed their difficulties in life as women and the tasks they do and how they can overcome these issues. Mrs. Nasir then gave them some tips on how to deal with these things and also reminded them how sometimes through these difficulties they have to look on the bright side of things that take place within families. She also shared some of her own personal family issues.

She explained that the initiative starts within us in order to make the changes in our life. More time is needed to go into ways and tools for changing, so we promised them to do it in another meeting.

We finished the one-and-a-half hour meeting and then had dinner together, where the women expressed their gratitude for the program and interest in participating in more.

The most important thing about this group was that the women trusted Sabeel because they were open to talk and share their personal experiences. This showed they are in need for such gatherings and activities.