Eilaboon is an Arab Palestinian village inside Israel. The village is located on the far west-side of the Sea of Galilee. It is  inhabited by Christians and Muslims, with a population of 5000 people.

The village was occupiedby the Israeli forces on October 30th 1948. A massacre took placeafter the village surrendered.

The inhabitants of the village were forced to abandon the village on foot heading North. After 50 days, the people returned gradually, as part of an agreement between Archbishop Hakim and the leader of the “Arab Sector” in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. The village remained under Martial Law until 1966.

Sabeel organized an educational tour to the village of Eilaboon.

A Tour to Haifa

Inspired by the successful book launch of “Haifa” Sabeel Nazareth organized an educational tour to the city of Haifa. The Participants walked in the city and listened to stories and testimonies from the people who have remained, and escaped the forced eviction of the Jewish militias.


“Haifa” – a book by Dr. Johnny Mansour

Sabeel Nazareth launched the book “Haifa” by Dr. Johnny Mansour in a large public event. The new book on the history of Jewish-Arab life in Haifa contains valuable anecdotes and facts, and represents the richness of the city’s pre-Ottoman past and the occupation of 1948.

Annual Retreat for Clergy & their Spouses

Sabeel held its annual retreat for clergy and their spouses at the International Marie de Nazareth Center in Nazareth. This time together is held annually as an opportunity for clergy and their wives from Israel and Palestine to exchange post-Easter greetings and this time to reconnect with Rev. Naim Ateek as he shares Sabeel’s future plans.

Stories from Beisan

Stories from Beisan

Mr. Sami Sima’an, a refugee from the town of Beisan, met the community of Sabeel Nazareth to share his story. The meeting was emotional as Mr. Sima’an recalled his memories of Beisan and the way he was forced out of his home. the audience, being  themselves refugees, reflected on their experience of dispossession and displacement. Rula Nasr Mazzawi, from the “Association for the Defenence of the Rights of the Displaced”, presented the international law perspective on the matter.

Sha’ab Village

The youth visited sha’ab village as part of learning their history. The visitincluded a tour in the Orthodox Church with Father Nasser. Father Nasser shared the history of the church and thevillage.  Most of Sha’ab’s original residents became internally displaced refugees, settling in nearby Arab villages, predominantly in Majd al-Krum and Sakhnin.

Israel exerts pressure and legislate laws as the “Nakba Law”, to punish those who present a narrative different than the one Israel gives.

Sabeel Spring Witness Visit

Sabeel organized an international witness visit from the 10th to the 18th of May 2016 with the theme Living Together – An Interfaith Mosaic – A Window into the Religious Communities Living in The Land of The Holy One.
This past week, 25 international Friends of Sabeel have been participating in the Sabeel Spring Witness Visit from seven different countries. For some, this is their first visit to Palestine-Israel; for others this is one of many visits to the area. All have had their eyes opened and hearts broken by what they have seen and heard.