Sabeel kicked off its 2015 Christmas celebration

Sabeel kicked off its 2015 Christmas celebration with the theater production of “Frescoes” on 17 December 2015, and successfully presented the show again on the 21 of December in ShefaAmr. This production was written and directed by Faten Khoury, and performed by Vida Tabar, Maria Helou, Alaa AbouRahmoun, Sama Mazzawi, Nicole Michael, and Basel Far. As a play, Frescoes included all kinds of art, music, dance, poetry, readings(from scriptures of the Old and New Testament), its own Nativity scene, and even Michelangelo’s Frescoes (recreations, of course)

“Frescoes” is a nontraditional Christmas play that leads the audience to question the meaning of Christmas, love, and simplicity of nature. It called us to renew our inner-self, and to search inside ourselves for the meaning of life. The play also took us on a journey through different ages, moving from the time of creation to present day.

Sabeel is grateful for this production, which drew an audience from all ages and backgrounds. We were able to reach around 300 people with this production, spreading the deep and profound message of Christmas. For the Salesian Sisters, to whom we are grateful for providing us with a location to perform, they expressed that this was the best event in their hall since it had been built more than 20 years ago. The community’s response was also overwhelmingly positive, demanding productions from Sabeel in the future. In this way we are thrilled by the type of gift we were able to give people, and both humbled and determined to continue doing so.