Marching to Remember 100 Years since the Armenian Genocide

On April 24th the Armenians commemorated the Armenian Genocide which was committed by the Ottoman Empire in 1915.This year marked the 100th year since the Genocide, so it made a huge buzz around Jerusalem.
Around 10 Sabeel youths joined local Armenians on a march from the Armenian Convent in the Old City of Jerusalem to the German Colony where there is an Armenian church. Armenian flags and candles were everywhere we walked, not only to commemorate, but also to spread awareness about the Genocide and the need for its recognition after a century.
Each Armenian has a story that was passed through the generations. Here is one story:
“100 years ago, my great-grandmother from Anteb was a genocide survivor who was taken by an Ottoman Pasha and forced to be his slave by the age of 13! After her struggle to survive, she and a group of young Armenians decided to flee, and crossed the desert to reach the Syrian border where there were men, women and a priest who wed couples randomly so the women wouldn’t be taken again and would be protected by their husbands.My great-grandmother and her husband continued their way into Aleppo, Syria; then continued with theirchildren to Jaffa, and finally settled in Jerusalem.”

“My other great-grandmother was 8 years old when they were forced out of Lapach.All of her brothers were slaughtered and the rest of her family had to walk south where they reached Beirut.On their way she lost most of her family.Only she and her two sisters survived, and later she continued her journey to Haifa!”

Because of these strong men and women we still exist! And because of their willingness to survive we are here,raising generations that will be aware of their history, language and heritage. We remember and demand.” –NanorArakelian