Non Violent Resistance in Islam and Christianity

Again, with our new jointly published book with Al Liqa Center, Sabeel is a pioneer in developing and promoting contextual theology and spirituality to the world. The new book titled “Non Violent Resistance in Islam and Christianity” rediscovers and highlights the resistance to injustice through peaceful manners. Every page of the new book the reader discovers the emphasis of nonviolence in both Christianity and Islam. Both AlLiqa and Sabeel decided to have the first launch of the book in Nablus city. Nablus city is nicknamed the “Mountain of Fire” during the Palestinian Intifadas by the media for its powerful resistance to the British Mandate and later to the Israeli Military occupation. The second launch was made at Bethlehem University, in the town that witnessed the birth of our role model in nonviolent resistance, Jesus Christ.

Although in previous years many attempts have been made to encourage resistance not based on violence, few if any were faith based. The theologians, scholars and activist organizations that contributed to this book made a groundbreaking event by resurrecting this spirituality.

In both events the book launch attracted over 150 participants that shared their support and appreciation of the activity.