Ramallah Young Adult Focus Group

To start up with our youth programs, we need to make sure we are meeting some of the needs of our youth and start the year on the right foot.Therefore, we met with youth leaders from 3 different areas: Bethlehem, Ramallah and Jerusalem. Similar to the one we had is Bethlehem, on Thursday the 5th of February, 2015, we had our first meeting with different youth leaders in Ramallah. We had the chance to discuss with them the needs (raising awareness, getting them more involved in church, etc…)of today’s young generation in order to empower them be more active and aware of the community and to strengthen their affiliation with their surroundings.Every want/need comes with challenges (such as competing with the advanced technologies and the distance between youth and the church, etc…), and so we were able to discuss these challenges with the leaders and how to overcome them. As Sabeel, we help provide the necessary tools, whether advice, ongoing common programs or events to strengthen them in their own churches, to develop and be leaders within their youth groups. After a successful meeting with youth leaders in Bethlehem, we are looking forward to start working together on programs depending on needs for a better future.