visit to the Abu Khdeir home to pay respect

Early Wednesday morning (July 2), extremist Israeli settlers kidnapped Mohammed Abu Khdeir(age 17) from in front of his home in Shua’fat and brutally murdered him. He was buried near the family home on Friday afternoon.

On Monday afternoon, a group of 15 women from Sabeel—staff members and women from the community—visited the Abu Khdeir home to pay their respects to Mohammed’s family. The Sabeel women sat, sharing in the pain and grief of their sisters and neighbors, all committed to unity against oppression and occupation. After a short period, the women were able to personally greet both of Mohammed’s parents, Suha and Hussein, and offer condolences to the immediate family members.
With all of the unrest and demonstrations in recent days, the women were glad for the opportunity to be supportive of the family and be in fellowship with their neighbors in Shua’fat.