Terra Santa School in Jerusalem

Last School Session of the Year

On May 8th 2014,Sabeel held its last session at Terra Santa School in Jerusalem for this school year before students had their final exams.
We gave them a session on “Friendship,” its importance and effect in our community, and shared a few games with them.We asked those questions and discussed their answers, splitting them into 2 groups and reflecting on their own friendships in the community and how such friendships are an important element in a person’s life.
The students reflected on their personal experiences on how a friend should and shouldn’t be.They discussed together their own friendships and hardships, reflecting on how to solve conflicts with friends and looking back on how there were good qualities in a friend that they argued with.They talked about how forgiveness is an important asset in order for us to move forward in a healthy way.
The last game we played was called “Fishing for compliments,” where each student wrote his name on a paper and that paper rotated amongst the other classmates. Each classmate was instructed to write a positive quality about the person on the paper.At the end of the activity, each student got back his paper filled with compliments and good qualities that his friends see in him.
After the short session on friendship and community, the students had the chance to play basketball, which all owed them to go over again what they learned about teamwork through their previous sessions in the semester.
They reflected the project:what we have done with them paid off, by the words they use, their behavior and the positive feedback they gave us.The students asked us when we will be starting again and were eager to participate in upcoming activities together, in addition to keeping up on Facebook