School Program ” With our Surroundings”

On Thursday, April 10, we were eager to start our new session with the school that focused on listening and building trust with our surroundings, especially our friends.
We began with a game that we played at our previous session at Tent of Nations; then we did a small workshop and combined a game with a discussion. The game is called “broken phone line.”The group stands in a circle, comes up with a sentence, then passes the sentence around the circle until it reaches the last person.That person says it outloud and we see the difference fromhow it started and how it ended.This reflects our daily lives and how we should be cautious in spreading news, but also how trust is related to the person from whom you heard the news, because not everyone is alike.
Therefore, we used two sentences in this game, one a piece of positive feedback and the other a piece of negative feedback from their day out at the Tent of Nations. The person who beganused their own personal opinion, which also gave the students the opportunity to discuss that opinion afterwards and exchange experiences and ideas. It boosted their confidence in speaking up and expressing their feelings, helping them understand that there is no such thing as right or wrong answers when it comes to personal opinions.
Afterwards, we divided them into two groups, and one group started with basketball while the other started with recycling.After an hour or so, they switched.
In the recycling session, they madepicture frames and garbage cans out of old magazines and newspapers.The students loved their work; some of them took it home to show to their parents and even planned to put a picture in the frame.
The basketball session taught the students to listen, observe their surroundings, and communicate.It also helped build teamwork.After the first game, the coaches gave them another game for fun and connected this game to leadership development.
After we finished our day with them, they were very grateful and positive. They are looking forward to their session in May, which will be the last for this semester! More students also registered after hearing the positive feedback of their fellow students.