Easter Dinner

“Christ has risen… He has risen indeed!”
This year, all church denominations celebrated Easter on the same day, so Sabeel developed an ecumenical idea to bring all the members of the community together: an Easter Dinner.
From our Jerusalemite community, 140 people attended the dinner, coming to a beautifully decorated hall and enjoying music from a local band named “Siwan.” After all were seated, the staff welcomed them, and one of Sabeel’s young adult volunteers, Shatha Bannoura, worked as the Master of Ceremony.
Following the introduction and welcome, Rev. Naim Ateek gave a speech about Easter and the importance of using the word resurrection instead of any other terminology we use.
The community had a wonderful and relaxing time, hearing live music and hymns, eating dinner, seeing friends, and also reminding one another the importance of Sabeel and its theology.
This year all the churches celebrated together, which made it easier for Sabeel to host this first annual Easter event.Everyone enjoyed it and their feedback was very positive;people are looking forward to the next time the churches celebrate Easter together so they can attend the ecumenical Easter Dinner.