Youth Gathering

Getting into the Lenten season, we did a gathering at the office on March 7th, based on the demand of the youth for more meetings. For them it’s a safe place where they can meet and catch up and be within their small community. For the Lent Season, we found a day where most of our young adults can come and join in for an interesting lecture about Sabeel and Palestinian Liberation theology, based on their interest in knowing about it more.

Twenty four young adults came that evening at 5:30 PM, and brought snacks with them, and they had refreshments and we put aside the food they brought for the after lecture and discussion.

We started our evening with getting introduced to one another, and later on the speaker Mrs. Cedar Duaybis who is also one of Sabeel’s Founders talked about the establishment of Sabeel and its theology, and how it is important for social justice which is one of the main issues that Sabeel works for.

After the lecture, we had a discussion and a time for Q&A’s where some questions were placed inside Balloons, and the participants would pop a balloon, read the question, share it with the group who together answered it, it’s a way of good communication, exchanging thoughts and having an academic discussion.

Later on, we had time to eat and talk together, and collect feedback, about the evening itself and also about our future programs. One of the participants said “we always look forward to coming to these activities, because they are useful, and we meet new people each time”, and another participant said “I can relate to Sabeel and it helps me be more spiritual and also encourages me to look at the positive side of my society, and to be more determined not to immigrate.”

We are proud of our participants; they are interested in attending, becoming more committed, and they are also bringing their friends.