Lenten Community Gathering

After a long break during which we did not have a meeting, the women of the Sabeel community program asked us for a meeting and discussion on something that interests them. Therefore, in light of the Lenten season, we organized a forum for the community of Sabeel about Lent in our Jerusalem office.

Ms. Gloria Nasser who studied Theology in Italy and currently teaches religious studies at Bethlehem University and is a teacher at St Joseph’s school in Bethlehem agreed to come from Bethlehem to meet our 41 participants (mostly from our women’s group) and discuss with them the importance of fasting. The forum, “Fasting is the Way of God and Human Beings,” started at 5:30 p.m. with Ms. Gloria explaining about Lent and its importance. She was then kind enough to receive questions, and through her answers discussions were started.

It was a fruitful afternoon and afterwards the women joined in for a warm drink and light dinner; they brought their own handmade Lenten desserts, salads, and some savory pastries. They continued to have conversations with one another about the subject as well as positive feedback on the importance of understanding lent in our own present time and in our current situation. They expressed their intension to pass the reflections on to their families and to impress upon them the importance of fasting and observing lent.

The community was encouraged to come to the Sabeel offices where they feel connected, and meet new friends, which reminds them that even through difficult times there is a group of people that is there for them. It reminds them how we come together as one from different churches of Jerusalem, and have common experiences.