Introduction to Schools

Thursday the 13th of February Sabeel staff went to the Terra Santa School in the Christian Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. There, we cooperated with the school administration and Principal Fr. Ramzi Sidawi.

The school had a positive response to Sabeel’s proposed project to spend time with the children from 8th to 11th grade, meeting with them twice a month, getting to know their neighborhood, and strengthening their sense of belonging to the community.

We are going to have workshops, including ones on the environment and how to use recycled items to our advantage. Also, we will be using the game of basketball with the children as a tool for crossing bridges and peace building.

Our first session with the students was introductory and brief, as we explained who we are and what we are planning to do. We spent 20 minutes in each class and got them excited about the program.
We are going to have our first meeting with them next week, and 40-50 students will join. 

It’s a great start, and we will keep you updated on our sessions with the students.

Stay tuned!