Open Forum

On Friday October 11, Sabeel hosted an open forum for the community, entitled “The Bible and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict,” with Sabeel co-founder Mrs. Cedar Duaybis as the key speaker.

We were pleased with the outcome: There were thirty people in attendance, excluding staff.

We began with refreshments—coffee, tea, and homemade cookies—and at 5 p.m., Rev. Ateek started the forum with a few words of welcome, after which we sang two hymns.

Immediately following the introductions and hymns, Mrs. Duaybis discussed the report that the Church of Scotland released earlier last summer, entitled “The inheritance of Abraham? A report on the ‘promised land.’” The report, a culmination of 10 years of theology study, discussion, and debate, was overwhelming adopted in May by the Church of Scotland and has since caused waves around the world – both controversy and inspiration. In the report, the Church of Scotland rejects any premise that scripture offers any people a divine right to territory.

The title of the forum was chosen as “The Bible and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict” based upon the title/theme of our upcoming 9th International Sabeel Conference (November 19-25, 2013).

The audience engaged in an open discussion, and seemed very intrigued and motivated to learn more about the report.

Rev.Ateek ended the forum with an announcement about the new structure of Sabeel and introductions of the new staff.

Everyone enjoyed the event and was looking forward to upcoming activities of Sabeel.