women’s program: visit to Hebron

Our visit started at the Headquarters of the Hebron Governorate. There, we were received by the Governor of Hebron and the Women’s Committee at the Governorate, who briefed us about the situation in the city and the difficulties faced by the people of Hebron as a result of the settler presence in their midst. They also confirmed the good relations that existed between the Christian and Muslim communities. The Women’s Committee invited the local T.V. station in order to document our visit. This was followed by a visit to the Russian Church (Moscobus), where they were introduced to the history of the church and each woman raised her own prayer to God.

After our visit to the church, we headed to the old city of Hebron, in order to see the reality of Palestinian life there, where more than 1,000 Palestinian homes in the city center had been vacated and over 1,800 commercial businesses shut down. We ended our visit in the old city by visiting the Ibrahimi Mosque.

After lunch, the women had some free time for shopping in Hebron, where they enjoyed buying the fresh fruits and vegetables especially the delicious molasses which Hebron is famous at producing.